Mr Fix It Computers

Repairs (Such as)

*Hardware replacement:

     Hard drive, Motherboard, Screen, Keyboard

     Processor, & RAM

*Cleaning & Virus Cleaning

*New Computer Setup

*Program & Driver Installation

*Operating System Upgrade & downgrade

*Assistance selecting New Computer purchase

*Used Laptop Chargers

*Issues with Internet at home (On-site Service)

*Diagnostics Only

*Refurbished Desktops & Laptops

     (Made to order)

*****Customers will be responsible for

       ordered parts by paying a deposit)*****

*Screens & Motherboards

*Parts not common to computer fuction such as Solid State Hard Drives, Solid State Drives, Upgraded Processor, Upgraded RAM

*Gaming System parts such as Power Supply, Motherboard, certain Hard Drive, RAM, Processor

Price List:

LCD Screen Replacement $60 - $135 Plus cost of Part

(deposit required for part)

Hard Drive Replacement $125 for HD & $110 for OS Reload

(deposit required for part)

Motherboard Replacement $85 - $135 Plus cost of part

(deposit required for part)

Cleaning $85

Virus Cleaning $125

Data (DX) $55 for up to 10GB

Extra Data (ODX) add $60 for over 10GB

Labor $60 per hour

Program & Driver Installation $35

Program setup $35

New Computer Setup $85

Windows Product Key  Home $90  Pro $45