I came to Texas with 4 female dogs, 3 male cats and a pair of birds. The second place I moved to had these homeless cats and as I can't stand to see any animal go hungry, I began to feed them. And it was fine as there were only two of them but unfixed cats brings kittens and of course then there was more and I feed them too. When I moved to a third place, I took the animals I cared for with me and found all of them homes. I was so pleased! In this new location, the same pattern arised... homless animals, not fixed and breeding. The numbers began to become overwhelming. I would complain about them not being taken care of. This went on for a few months and then a thought hit me! I always make a statement of this: (pardon my language) "Bitching about something but never doing anything about it makes you an asshole". I was an asshole. After that, I made a goal to fix 100 female cats/kittens. Couldn't just stick with females so then I chose to do cats. Then I realize I couldn't just stick with cats and so it was kittens and cats, puppies and dogs. I reached my goal a little over 4 years and since the hurricane I've only been able to do a few. As of 12/12/18 the totals are 100 cats and 26 dogs.

I give you this story as a background knowledge to the following.

In order to truely make a difference. This process of mine need to move faster and in order to move faster, funding is needed and foster homes. I'm unable to put all money that's left after paying my bills towards this because I'm caring for the ones I've collected off the street. If I'm able to find homes or even foster homes then I can return to what I was doing before.... mass fixings. 2019 is coming and I would like to run at this with full force but I can't do it alone so I ask.... help me help them. Help the furry ones with no voice, the inability to say they're hungry, not feeling good, or something hurts. Help the ones before they get struck by a vehicle and die alone. Help the ones who have never felt love, compassion, or a warm blanket to snuggle in. Aren't we supposed to be talking care of mother earth and all the little creatures? It was the human race that made them into pets so it's our responsibility to care for them. I'm not sure about you but if there truly is a GOD, I want him to know that I am trying to help those who can't help themselves, to do my part is this world, to have a reason to be here and not be heartless.

P.S. I know I'm not the only one doing this and/or the only one who cares but I'm asking the community to come together and take care of this city's strays. If Georgia can change their ways and become a NO-KILL state then we should, at least, be able to care for our own... pets and strays.